Where do you ship to?
Why is juicing/blending important?
Why do we keep our fruits and vegetables whole?
Why not just buy bottled juice?
What comes in each of the 2goodapples subscription boxes?
What type of produce do we use?
How do I prepare the produce?
In what order do I juice the produce?
How do I use the blender to make a smoothie?
What is the difference between juicing and blending?
What process is used to clean produce?
Why did we choose our eco-friendly standup zipper pouch?
Where can I purchase a juicer or blender?


What is the time period I have to cancel my subscription?
Can I skip a scheduled delivery or put it on hold if I am away?
How do you go about charging my credit card for subscription orders?
How do you go about charging my credit card for non-subscription orders?
How do I change my subscription frequency and amount of juice pouches I am receiving for subsequent deliveries?
Can I change my subscription flavor options?
How can I send the juice pouches as a gift?