Our Story

We’re so happy and proud of you for taking action on your good health! Stacie too took charge of what went into her body; as a 26 year-old mom of 2-year-old twins, she was feeling very “off”. Upon seeing a doctor she was informed that she had cancer.  After finding the kindest Nebraskan doctor who cured her, Stacie was determined to live a wholesome lifestyle.  Through exercise and nutritious whole fruits and vegetables as the main part of her diet, amazingly, Stacie healed herself entirely. To everyone’s surprise, she was blessed with two miracle babies.  Feed your body with nutritious fruits and vegetables along with exercise and watch miracles happen to you.  Stacie shared her success story and approached Elyse, a registered dietitian, with her vision to make juicing easy, delicious, and fun for all.  Elyse has always supported her clients to transform their health by consuming more whole fruits and vegetables.  So began their journey of 2GOODAPPLES.

Our core mission:

The Unbottled Juice, because you can’t fake Fresh, Fresh doesn’t come in a bottle. 2goodapples makes it easy for your HOME JUICE BAR.  Making healthy fun and delicious for busy families.  Simply order your favorite flavor pouches, no more time consuming decisions on what to buy.

Drinking 2goodapples juices will help provide the daily nutrients that will keep you energized, boost your immune system, keep that outer glow plus a whole lot more of goodness.

You deserve a delicious sweet life, drink an unbottled juice and become A GOOD APPLE!

Juicing is fun and healthy
for the whole family!

So good you won’t  want  to share  with the kids.  You can tell them it’s healthy but they won’t believe you after just one taste. (Shh, it’s so yummy they won’t even realize they’re getting their daily serving of fruits and vegetables.)


2goodapples is dedicated to helping you have a
healthy & Nutritious lifestyle